Dropping a few pounds easier than you think…or is it?

weight-loss-success-storiesDon’t let the headline fool! We’re just playing – the answer is YES, dropping a few pounds is actually easier than you think, as long as you stay committed to your goals, then you can most definitely achieve the weight loss goals that you desire. All of us (well most of us, anyways!) have made the mistake of letting a few extra pounds pack on at some point in our lives, so if you have let this happen – trust us, you’re not alone! Now comes the hard part…instead of sitting around and sulking about that giant spare tire you have hanging over your waist line, it’s time to take action and do something about it. If you’re like me you will want to find a diet or exercise program that helps manage your weight loss. There are several routes that you can go when deciding the healthiest way for you to lose weight , but you will want to come up with a program or game plan that will work with your lifestyle and personality.

For me, I actually just came up with a routine on my own, and it pretty much goes like this: For breakfast I eat one of those Chobani yogurt things where you can dump a topping into the yogurt. My favorite is the banana version that has almonds and chocolate. I then have a banana for snack. Lately for lunch I have been eating a can of tuna, and then carrots with some ranch. Later in the afternoon I have an apple for a snack, and then I find something reasonable to eat for dinner – a sample might be bake salmon with asparagus and rice. This is just a diet plan that has worked well for me over the last few weeks, and I have actually seen some pretty decent weight loss results. Keep in mind that I am also exercising a bit as well, so that may have helped speed up my results.

In any case, the point is, that if you really want to lose some weight, it actually is pretty easy. You can come up with a plan totally on your own like I did, or just do a quick Google search to find something that works for you. A ton of people use systems like Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers, and those can be great options as well, if you have the money to pay someone to guide you/provide meals for you on your weight loss journey.

Either way, just come up with a plan and execute! Now for some additional motivation…

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3 Reasons Every Dude Should Try a Sex Toy – at Least Once…

sex-toys-that-men-can-tryEarlier this week Yahoo! published a controversial article detailing the three reasons why every woman should try a vibrator, so we decided that we’d return the favor, but list things that guys should try! Before we dish out our advice, here are a few things that Yahoo! shared about vibrators and why women should try them. For starters, they say that more than half of American women have used a vibrator at some point, so they are basically apart of the lexicon now, which makes the topic less controversial I suppose. As it turns out, there are some reported benefits for women who use vibrators. Among the reasons for them to incorporate them into their routine are increased arousal, easier orgasms, and an increased libido .  So with all of that in mind, it looks like they could play an important roll in your sexual health, and for that reason, we’d have to be in agreement with the author of the Yahoo article.

Now, on to the guys. While many men probably aren’t interested in trying vibrators, there are other options out there that men can try. For starters, many men enjoy using penis pumps, and if we were to pick one to try we’d go with a water-based model. These can be used in the shower, or anywhere else. Many men who use them report having harder erections, and an ability to last longer in bed, which sounds like pretty good reasons to give them a try . As always, you should check with your doctor before trying these things, and it would be in your best interest to conduct thorough research and find the top rated penis pump before making the purchase. Either way, if you’re looking for something new to spice things up, these things could be worth taking for a spin.

Now, besides pumps and devices of that nature, the options can be somewhat limited for guys. One of the other things to hit the market recently is the fleshlite pleasure tool for guys, and it looks like it could have some potential. While we don’t want to go into full detail about it here because it is somewhat graphic in nature, you should definitely do a quick Google search to learn more about these things if you’re a guy. Like a vibrator, they make be a tool to increase arousal in men, and they even report that with the proper practice, they can help solve that embarrassing premature ejaculation problem that many guys suffer from.

As you can see, there are some tools out there for the dudes too, and we encourage you to try them! If anything, it’s a way to add a new element to your sex life, and if used properly it could make for a fun experience for you and your partner!

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Target Your Training to Unleash Those Abs – Tips for Women

women-can-get-six-packs-tooToning your own body is the best way to get those great abs, but it isn’t going to happen overnight, particularly if you’re not someone who has concerned themselves with fitness for a very long time. And unfortunately this can be especially true for women. No matter how much we hate to admit it, women have generally have a more difficult time shedding weight and toning their bodies then men, so if you really want to get “shredded” you’re definitely going to have to work for it!

Why do you think that is? Having great abs, for women is just as important as it is for men, if not more so. We can build them, its not impossible, but the how-to guides that are out there are generally geared towards male fitness. That has changed a bit in recent years as more females have become interested in showcasing a six pack and enlarging their backsides, but it is still harder for us then men in most cases, but we’re working to fix that! For women, there is minimal information on building muscle and toning, but as long as you follow the right advice, you can definitely achieve your fitness goals! The video that we share at the end of this article is a great place to start if you’re looking for quick and easy tips for exposing that six pack, so be sure to check it out and try some of the exercises that she mentions!

The big question though, is how should you go about it? Well, for starters you will want to make sure you give yourself some time throughout the day to workout. And be sure to utilize and extra time that you have to dedicate to your fitness. You will be the one who experiences the astonishing results and don’t forget the complements for your six pack abs once all of that work has paid off!

First things first – You’re going to want to begin some kind of strength training to get your muscles built up, and some regular exercise to help remove those fat deposits that you might have on your abdomen. Exercises that you might use for that include sit-ups, leg lifts and hanging leg lifts.

Toning for women can produce abs that are remarkable. Those six pack abs and that flat stomach aren’t just for men you know – they can be readily achieved by women of all ages, and any ability level. The most important thing is that you work for it, which can be said for just about anything! Diets for women who are trying to build muscle mass need to be a little different but they can achieve the same results that you’re envying about your gentleman friends.

working-hard-to-get-absWomen will pretty much want to focus on a similar diet as men, but in many cases, they’re going to eat less regardless. Either way, they’ll want to be sure they’re putting the proper foods and nutrients into their bodies, to ensure optimal ab development! Muscle building diets are great for toning, and for women proteins are going to be very important. Lean proteins are especially importnat, such as lean meats, legumes, beans, high fiber foods and nuts will be the best thing that you can eat while you’re trying to get those abs to truly pop!

Of course you do and so do the men out there think they look great on you. Once you’ve toned your body a little, finding the proper diet will be next on your agenda. Diets for muscle building are going to consist of more proteins than you might be accustomed to. What this will do for you is to assure that while you are strength training, your body will use all of the proteins to build muscle and won’t store it as fat when it comes in smaller amounts than the normal three meals a day type thing.

Water should also be an essential part of your meal as it helps in flushing out extra toxins present in your blood. You will want to begin to change your diet to make your meals smaller and more frequent, and take in more proteins in the form of very lean meat, legumes, beans, nuts and higher fiber foods. Getting some level of fitness for women is essential, and toning for women needs to take place prior to beginning your weight training so that your body is ready for the changes that are going to take place.

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